Anxiety about Anxiety?

When you become aware of yourself suffering from anxiety, you might find yourself thinking “Is it still there?” This is normal, don’t worry.

You may find yourself asking this very question as soon as day breaks, or while you’re drinking your cuppa or even when you’re trying to work. Thoughts about anxiety can be intrusive and take up a lot of your time, you might start to question whether you will ever start to feel normal again.

The truth is, if you have developed anxiety and you leave it untreated, sometimes your anxiety can take on a life of its own. This happens when we try to push our anxiety back down by resisting these emotions, which then-in turn only makes us more anxious as we then start to ask ourselves if it is still there.

We can avoid this though acceptance.

When we accept our emotions we then begin to truly experience them without feeling the need to resist and suppress. Which means you then allow yourself to feel your emotions, and once we are able to feel our emotions we are then able to look at the situation in a more thoughtful manner without the need to feel anxious about it because we’re able to accept the situation for what is it.

Published by Founder, We Chat Counselling

Hi, I’m Julz and I’m a professional counsellor, practising in Perth, WA. I’m here and committed to helping you set your mind free.

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