About Me

Hi, I’m Julz and I’m a professional counsellor, practising in Perth, WA. I’m here and committed to helping you set your mind free. I have been trained in cognitive-behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy and person-centred, however, I like to take an adaptive approach as I feel it is beneficial to my clients to swap and change between the different therapies to suit their needs. 

Complimentary to my Counselling qualifications I am committed to professional development, which means I am always learning of new theories, reading journals and engaging in workshops to further develop my skillset to ensure I am keeping up with industry standards. 

I am committed to abiding by the Code of Ethics written by the Australian Counselling Association which you can find here, however, as you may see a bit later on, I do also have my own Terms and Conditions to ensure the safety of both you and I through our counselling relationship.

Life can be difficult, even if we’re resilient and strong, seeking counselling is a hard but crucial step to overcoming life’s different obstacles. Sometimes it can be hard or feel overwhelming to find the right counsellor or even find time to get there, this is exactly why I wanted to create an online Counselling experience to help those who may struggle to get the help they need to overcome the stressors in life.

I am an open, warm, and a non-judgmental counsellor who uses an adaptive approach in a warm, non-judgmental, confidential setting. My counselling services are highly personalised to your unique situation, as counselling always should be. I am always open to your feedback I usually ask for your input as I find it to be a vital aspect within your therapeutic journey to ensure it’s just right for you, as always, you are in control.

Contact Me

  • Email — wechatcounselling@gmail.com — If you’d like to write to me?!

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