Why WeChat?

In this busy world that we all live in, it can feel impossible to feel like you have the time to address your mental health.

However, it is SO important to do so.

WeChat-Counselling offers flexibility, anonymity, along with all the financial advantages.

Why choose WeChat?

WeChat-Counselling is easy to use and widely accessible for all those who own a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. You have the option of counselling through email alone, or you can upgrade to packages that include phone sessions and/or video sessions if you prefer, you are in control.

WeChat-Counselling allows you to overcome the barriers which are stopping you from seeking personal therapy such as; 

  • If you’re living rural or in remote areas, you are now able to access the same services of the inner-city, 
  • If you’re living with disabilities you are now able to access the same services along with those who do not feel comfortable leaving the house 
  • Are you a stay at home parent? who needs someone to talk too but are time-poor?
  • Business people who need a quick mindfulness moment in their lunch break

With WeChat-Counselling you are now able to send as many emails as you like through the duration of your subscription without any additional cost to your subscription, if you’re feeling stressed and you need things off your chest you are able to email straight away by joining this service, you are able to send 2, 3 or more emails in a day if needed and you will expect to receive a reply within 24-48 hours, however you can upgrade your package to include priority response, remember with WeChat-Counselling, YOU are in control. Additionally, if you’ve upgraded to a package with phone and video chats you have the option to talk in your lunch break, while your baby naps, during downtime or at any time that suits you! 


Receiving therapy is still very taboo, for this reason, many people are still feeling very uncomfortable with receiving therapy, however, with online counselling this service allows access to counselling in private. It may also allow you to feel less nervous or stressed as you will not be seen by others in the waiting room, staff or anybody else who just happens to be walking past at the time you walk through the door. For this reason, you may feel as though you can communicate more openly without concerns for bias of race, gender, age, size or physical appearance. Which in turn could lead to a level of honesty, you may never reach in traditional therapy. The use of internet in counselling offers a level of anonymity which is non-threatening through allowing an ‘invisibility’ aspect to the scenario.


Online counselling is cost-effective for both you and myself! Our cheapest package is $75/Week which includes; Unlimited Emails PLUS Weekly self-help newsletter featuring self-care tips and tricks. I’m able to offer such cheap prices as I am working from home, which means I am saving on overheads, which allows me to pass the savings on to you !!! 

See WeChat-Packages by clicking this link

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